How can scrap car removal help the environment?

However, were you aware that you are also helping the environment? Yes, it is true. When you have your old junk car professionally recycled, you will be doing the environment a good turn. Here are some specific reasons for why this is.

It is a Tightly Regulated Process

There are very strict regulations surrounding the process of recycling, and it is all in the name of keeping everything ethical and harmless for the environment. The result is that you can scrap your vehicle safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit to keep the environment safe. This is on top of the fact that you are helping a business that shares the same environmental concerns as yourself.

What’s the ultimate fate of your junk automobile is no longer weighs on your mind. And you won’t feel any guilt as you know that the folk at the salvage yard will recycle the whole vehicle using only the best methods, because it is their job.

Scrap Metal is Re-Used

When most folk thing of a scrap car, they instantly assume that it is worth no money. But not the good folk at a salvage yard. The reason why is that they see all the scrap metal, and know that that metal can be easily re-used. There-fore it is worth money.

When metals are manufactured using the mining process, a certain amount of energy resources is used. This includes oil and carbon. The use of this energy creates pollution and carbon dioxide, the main green-house gas responsible for climate change. When metals are simply recycled, not as much energy resources are used.

Scrap auto recycling accounts for the recycling of 14 million tons of steel. That is 14 million tons that didn’t need to be mined. And if all of it was to be made into automobiles, there would be 12 million automobiles made out of it.

Toxic Substances are Disposed of Correctly

Cars have a lot of nasty substances in them. These fluids are a necessary part of the inner workings of any vehicle. There can be up to ten gallons of toxic material in any vehicle. And when a vehicle is being salvaged and recycled, nothing short of the upmost of care needs to be taken when they are being handled.

Such substances as brake fluid, power steering fluid, battery acid and antifreeze are not the kind of materials we want to go back into the environment. The water and soil will become contaminated, resulting in a whole lot of harm to plant life and wild-life.

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